Burger King Chicken Wraps Nutrition: Nutrition Explorer (Calories & Nutrition)

Burger King chicken wraps contain calories ranging from 370 to 470. The nutrition varies based on the choice of ingredients and sauces.

Navigating the world of fast food can be a challenge when trying to maintain a balanced diet. Burger King, a global fast-food giant, offers a variety of menu options, including chicken wraps that cater to those seeking a quick poultry fix.

These wraps are a popular choice for diners looking for a meal that’s potentially lighter than a traditional burger yet still satisfying. With the right knowledge of their nutritional content, you can make informed decisions to fit your dietary needs. Understanding the calorie count, alongside the fat, sodium, and carbohydrate content, is crucial, especially if you’re monitoring your intake for health or fitness goals. Keep this in mind next time you’re at Burger King, and choose wisely to enjoy your meal without derailing your nutritional plans.

Burger King Chicken Wraps Nutrition
Burger King Chicken Wraps Nutrition

Burger King’s Chicken Wrap Debut

Burger King introduces a new twist to their menu: Chicken Wraps. These wraps offer a convenient, tasty option for on-the-go eating. With a focus on flavor and health, they’re a hit with customers seeking both taste and nutrition.

Introduction To Chicken Wraps

The new Chicken Wraps at Burger King are a fresh addition. Crafted with juicy chicken, fresh lettuce, and creamy mayo, they come in a soft flour tortilla. Ideal for lunch or a quick snack, they provide a balanced meal.

  • Grilled or Crispy Chicken options
  • Loaded with fresh ingredients
  • Perfect for a meal on-the-move

Menu Evolution At Burger King

Burger King’s menu keeps evolving. The Chicken Wrap is the latest example. It reflects the brand’s commitment to meeting customer cravings for healthier options.

Nutritional Information
Nutrient Grilled Chicken Wrap Crispy Chicken Wrap
Calories 370 470
Protein 20g 14g
Fat 18g 24g
Carbs 30g 44g

Nutritional Breakdown Of Chicken Wraps

Understanding what goes into your favorite fast-food items can make a big difference in your dietary choices. Let’s dive into the nutritional content of Burger King’s Chicken Wraps, a popular item for those on the go.

Calories And Macronutrients

Burger King’s Chicken Wraps are a tasty option for a quick meal. Knowing their calorie and macronutrient profiles is key to fitting them into a balanced diet.

Nutrient Amount
Calories Approx. 350-500
Protein 20-30g
Carbohydrates 30-40g
Fats 15-25g
Saturated Fat 3-5g
Sugars 3-4g
Fiber 1-3g

Eating one of these wraps can provide a good protein boost. Keep an eye on the fat content to stay in line with your goals. Burger King Chicken Wraps Nutrition.

Vitamins And Minerals Content

Chicken wraps from Burger King also contain important vitamins and minerals. These contribute to your overall health.

  • Iron supports blood health
  • Calcium is essential for bones
  • Vitamin A is Good for vision
  • Vitamin C boosts the immune system

These wraps include a variety of nutrients. They can be part of a healthy diet if consumed in moderation. Burger King Chicken Wraps Nutrition.

Ingredients Inside The Wrap

Burger King’s Chicken Wraps offer a balance of flavor and nutrition. They are a go-to for fast-food lovers. Let’s unwrap the details about what goes inside these tasty wraps.

Quality Of Chicken Used

The star ingredient is, of course, the chicken. Burger King prides itself on using high-quality chicken. Their wraps include juicy, tender chicken breast. It’s grilled or crispy fried, depending on your choice. Protein-packed and cooked to perfection, the chicken meets high standards.

Vegetables And Add-ons

Freshness comes next with a variety of vegetables. Crunchy lettuce and ripe tomatoes add color and crunch. Burger King’s wraps also contain creamy mayonnaise or tangy sauce, depending on the wrap you choose. Cheese may be an option for an extra layer of flavor.

Ingredient Description
Chicken Grilled or crispy, high-quality breast meat.
Lettuce Green and crisp, adding freshness.
Tomatoes Juicy and ripe, providing a flavor burst.
Sauces Mayonnaise or specialty sauces for moisture and zest.
Cheese Optional for creamy texture and taste.

Each ingredient plays a vital role. Together, they create a delicious wrap that’s both satisfying and nutritious. Burger King Chicken Wraps Nutrition.

Burger King Chicken Wraps Nutrition
Burger King Chicken Wraps Nutrition

Sauce Selection And Caloric Impact

Exploring the sauce selection at Burger King reveals its impact on calories. Each sauce adds unique flavors but also calories. Understanding these choices helps balance taste and nutrition.

Types Of Sauces Offered

Burger King features a variety of sauces, including:

  • Honey Mustard: sweet and tangy
  • Ranch: creamy and cool
  • Barbecue: Smoky and rich
  • Buffalo: spicy and bold

Sauce Ingredients And Nutrition

Each sauce has different ingredients and nutritional values.

Sauce Calories Key Ingredients
Honey Mustard 60 Honey, mustard, and vinegar
Ranch 73 Buttermilk, garlic, and onion
Barbecue 45 Tomato paste, sugar, and spices
Buffalo 30 Cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and butter

Choose wisely to enjoy the taste without too many calories.

Comparing Wraps To Burgers

When grabbing a quick meal, choosing between a burger and a wrap at Burger King is more than a taste preference. It’s a nutritional decision. Let’s dive into the details of Chicken Wraps versus Burgers and see which might be the better choice for you.

Caloric Differences

Burgers and wraps at Burger King come with their own set of numbers on the calorie chart. Wraps tend to be lower in calories compared to their burger counterparts. For example, a typical chicken wrap has fewer calories than a standard Whopper.

Meal Option Calories
Chicken Wrap Approx. 300-350
Whopper Approx. 600-660

Health Considerations

Eating healthy at fast-food chains can be challenging. Wraps are often seen as the healthier option. They usually have more vegetables, leading to higher fiber content. Burgers, on the other hand, come with more protein but also more fat.

  • Chicken Wrap: More veggies, less fat
  • Burger: More protein, higher fat

Keep in mind that the choice of sauce and additional toppings can greatly affect the nutritional value of both wraps and burgers. Opt for light sauces and extra vegetables to keep your meal as healthy as possible. Burger King Chicken Wraps Nutrition.

Customization Options For Healthier Choices

Burger King Chicken Wraps offers a delicious and convenient meal choice. With the right tweaks, they can fit into a healthier diet.

Choosing The Right Ingredients

Selecting fresh, nutritious ingredients is key to making a healthier wrap.

  • Opt for grilled chicken over crispy to cut down on fat.
  • Add plenty of veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, and onions for vitamins and fiber.
  • Choose whole wheat wraps when available for extra whole grains.

Low-calorie Modifications

Cutting calories doesn’t mean cutting flavor.

Modification Calorie Savings
Skip the cheese 40-60 calories
Light dressing or sauce 50-100 calories
No mayo 90-100 calories

Remember to ask for these changes when ordering a healthier meal. 

Dietary Restrictions And Allergens

Understanding Burger King’s Chicken Wraps for various dietary needs is crucial. This section delves into allergens and alternative options available.

Identifying Potential Allergens

Those with food sensitivities should note the following common allergens in Burger King’s Chicken Wraps:

  • Gluten is found in the flour tortilla.
  • Dairy: Present if cheese is added.
  • Soy is used in sauces and marinades.

Always check the ingredients list or ask staff for the most current allergen information. Burger King Chicken Wraps Nutrition.

Options For Special Diets

Burger King offers alternatives to cater to different dietary needs:

Diet Type Available Options
Gluten-Free Request no tortillas or bring your gluten-free substitute.
Vegan Opt for no chicken or cheese; add extra veggies.
Low-Calorie Choose grilled chicken, skip the sauce, and add more greens.

Specific requests can often be accommodated to fit your dietary restrictions. Burger King Chicken Wraps Nutrition.

Burger King Chicken Wraps Nutrition
Burger King Chicken Wraps Nutrition

Consumer Reviews On Taste And Nutrition

Burger King’s Chicken Wraps have been a topic of discussion lately. Patrons are keen to share their experiences. They focus on two main aspects: taste and nutrition. These reviews provide insight into the product’s appeal.

Customer Feedback

Customers are vocal about their Chicken Wrap experiences. Many enjoy the convenience and flavor. Some highlight the juicy chicken and fresh vegetables. Yet others point out the wrap’s high-calorie count. Let’s break down their feedback:

  • Flavor: The wraps receive praise for their seasoning and taste.
  • Portion Size: Some customers find the wraps filling and satisfying.
  • Healthiness: There’s a split opinion here. Some see them as a healthier fast-food option. Others are cautious of the calorie and sodium content.

Expert Opinions

Nutrition experts weigh in on Burger King’s Chicken Wraps. Their analysis gives us a clearer picture. They focus on ingredients, nutritional value, and diet compatibility. Here’s a summary of their findings:

Aspect Expert View
Ingredients Quality Generally fresh, prices vary by location.
Nutritional Balance High in protein but also sodium and fats.
Diet Suitability Can be a part of a healthy diet, but only in moderation.

In summary, the Chicken Wraps can be a tasty choice. They can also fit into a healthy diet if consumed wisely. Burger King’s offering is a mixed bag of flavor and nutrition. Yet, it’s important to consider individual dietary needs. Burger King Chicken Wraps Nutrition.

The Verdict: Are They Worth The Wrap?

Burger King’s Chicken Wraps have stirred up quite the conversation. Patrons are eager to know: do they deliver on both taste and nutrition? Let’s unwrap the facts and find out if these chicken delights are truly worth the hype.

Balancing Taste And Health

Burger King’s Chicken Wraps are a tempting mix of crispy or grilled chicken, fresh lettuce, and creamy mayo, all snuggled in a soft flour tortilla. They promise a quick, savory bite. But are they a smart choice?

  • Calories: Manageable for a meal
  • Proteins: high; keep you full
  • Fats: Moderate, but watch the Mayo
  • Sugars: Low, a plus for health
  • Fiber: Could be better

For the health-conscious, grilled options trump crispy. You’ll save on calories and fat. Opting out of mayo or choosing a whole wheat tortilla can boost the health factor. Burger King Chicken Wraps Nutrition.

Final Recommendations

Chicken wraps at Burger King are a tasty, convenient option. They can fit into a balanced diet with a few tweaks. Go for grilled chicken, skip the mayo, and you’ve got a meal that’s both satisfying and mindful of your waistline.

Component Grilled Chicken Wrap Crispy Chicken Wrap
Calories Less More
Fats Lower Higher
Sugars Low Low
Proteins Good Good

Remember to balance your meals throughout the day. Enjoy your wrap with a side of fresh fruit or a salad for added nutrients. In moderation, Burger King’s Chicken Wraps can be part of your diet without guilt. Burger King Chicken Wraps Nutrition.

Burger King Chicken Wraps Nutrition
Burger King Chicken Wraps Nutrition

Burger King Spicy Chicken Wrap Calories

The Burger King Spicy Chicken Wrap typically contains around 340 calories. However, this value may vary slightly depending on the specific ingredients and preparation methods used by individual Burger King locations.

Burger King Crispy Chicken Wrap Calories

The Burger King Crispy Chicken Wrap generally contains approximately 330 calories. However, keep in mind that the exact calorie count may vary depending on factors like portion size and specific ingredients used in preparation.

Burger King Spicy Chicken Wrap Nutrition Facts

The Burger King Spicy Chicken Wrap typically contains around 15 grams of protein, 34 grams of carbohydrates, 14 grams of fat, and 520 milligrams of sodium. It also provides some dietary fiber and various vitamins and minerals, although the exact amounts may vary slightly depending on factors like portion size and the specific ingredients used.

Burger King chicken wrap flavors

Burger King offers a variety of chicken wrap flavors, including the Spicy Crispy Chicken Wrap and the Crispy Chicken Wrap. These wraps feature tender, crispy chicken fillets wrapped in a soft tortilla along with lettuce, cheese, and sauce. The Spicy Crispy Chicken Wrap offers a zesty kick, while the Crispy Chicken Wrap provides a classic flavor profile. Both options provide a convenient and satisfying meal on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions: Burger King Chicken Wraps Nutrition

How Many Calories Are In A Chicken Wrap At Burger King?

A Burger King chicken wrap contains approximately 370 calories.

Is Burger King Wrap Healthy?

Burger King wraps can vary in nutritional value; some options are healthier than others. It’s essential to check the ingredients and nutritional information for specific wrap choices to determine their healthiness.

Is A Chicken Wrap Healthier Than A Burger?

A chicken wrap can be healthier than a burger due to its lean protein and potential for more fresh vegetables, leading to lower calorie content and better nutritional value.

Do Chicken Wraps Have Carbs?

Yes, chicken wraps typically contain carbs due to the tortilla and any additional ingredients like sauces or vegetables.


Understanding the nutritional details of Burger King’s chicken wraps helps you make informed choices. These wraps offer a balance of flavor and health, making them suitable for anyone counting calories or seeking a quick meal. Always consider your dietary needs when selecting fast food options.

Enjoy your next wrap with confidence and knowledge!

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