A Chiropractic Plan designed for Seniors!

Keeping on top of your health is more important than ever in your Senior years. Regular chiropractic can help you do that. Our Foundations of Health Senior Plan makes it affordable.

Here's how it works:

Step 1 - Choose your monthly plan:

  • $15 for an individual 
  • $25 for a couple

Step 2 - Schedule an appointment or simply walk in during office hours to enroll. No start-up fees or minimum commitment. You can even pause when you travel, or for any other reason. 

Step 3 - Enjoy unlimited, routine wellness chiropractic adjustments for just $10 each! Walk-ins always welcome, or call to schedule.

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This membership does not take the place of the proper management of medical conditions; whether that condition is managed by our medical staff or chiropractic staff.

As a medical group, Evergreen has multiple providers in the same location. Coordinated Care has the potential to significantly reduce your medical expenses, in addition to saving from having to run around to multiple appointments in different locations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Do you accept Medicare? For medical, yes we do. For chiropractic, we don't. Medicare guidelines do not allow the same chiropractor to provide routine and acute care. With our FOH plan, we are likely less expensive anyway.

• What if I need more than routine chiropractic care? We offer structural therapy which is a combination of all different providers and may qualify for some insurance reimbursements.

• The price is low! Are your doctors experienced? Yes! Our chiropractic physicians have many years of providing care.

• Can I use my HSA? For the $10 adjustments, yes. For the membership fee, no. There is legislation pending in Congress to allow HSA funds for memberships such as this one.

Foundations of Health is a discount membership program and is not an insurance product.

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Dr. Eric Dahl - Chiropractic Physician


"Routine chiropractic can lower you family's medical expenses by 75% according to a recent study.  But we can coordinate that care too when it arises."

Dr. Matthew Hales - Executive Director


"We have a goal.  It is for every family in our community to have unlimited access to affordable routine chiropractic adjustments.  We know the benefit this can be for you and your family."

"I didn't think I would get it turned around"

Toby M. -Meridian

I first started my treatments the fall of 2018, I was in fairly consistent pain at my left shoulder and neck, with my left hand and forearm going numb regularly. I didn't think we would ever get things turned around and feeling normal again. 

I was looking for a complete approach to my situation, not just a "quick fix",...  I found that complete, whole person approach to wellness at Evergreen Physical medicine.  All the doctors and staff have been great to work with and so helpful in laying out a good treatment plan to get me not just feeling better, but truly better. Thank you all for your help. 

...The pain is gone, and the numbness has left as well. I feel good and am improving range of motion in my shoulders and am excited to not have that nagging pain and numbness any longer.

I highly recommend you guys to anyone...

Thank you all again and look forward to continued complete health and wellness!

See you again soon,



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1710 W Cherry Ln., Meridian, ID 83642, US

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