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Liquid Gold (PRP) Facelifts

Dial Back the Calendar for Real

Platelet Rich Plasma is a concentrate taken from your blood, containing your bodies own healing chemistry.  When inserted into the spaces under your skin it restores age related collagen loss, it acts as both a filler AND collagen promoter.  This process gives you a more permanent restoration of the look and feel of a younger face. 

What is the process?

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  • Receive 3 consecutive treatments, 6 weeks apart.
  • Enjoy your younger face!

MY Happy PLace * Non-Surgical Rejuvenation

Kristy Martin MSN, CRNA, APRN

Kristy has been a Board Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist for over ten years. She is passionate about empowering and instilling confidence in others by helping them feel and look their very best. Her meticulous and detail oriented medical and artistic skills are key to her clientele’s consistently high satisfaction.

Kristy is a skilled cosmetic injector using all the highest quality products available in the U.S. including Allergan, Merz, Galderma, and Ravenesse products. Kristy is consistently learning, training, and staying up to date on the latest techniques to provide clients with the best possible outcome.

Age Gracefully

People trust Kristy to help them age gracefully while achieving the beauty results they desire without looking “overdone”. Her personal opinion of beauty is a “natural youthful appearance”. Kristy’s philosophy: “My objective is to avoid the made-up or fake look, instead, I restore the natural youthful beauty each client has.”

Rejuvenation services

Rejuvenation Services are provided by 'my happy place' and not directly through Evergreen physical medicine


Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a natural occurring polysaccharide in our skin that gives the skin its youthful appearance. As we age, the HA decreases, making our skin thin and saggy. Lips are one of the first noticeable places where this aging change occurs. By injecting HA into the tissue, plump fullness to your lips (decreasing lines) can be restored. My anesthesia experience allows me to provide a pain free (guaranteed) lip enhancement.

Onset: Immediate

Duration: 6-12 months

Anesthesia: nerve block

Cost: $600+

Procedure Time: 1 hour

WRINKLE RELAXATION – Botox/ Dysport/Xeomin

Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin (newer to market) are purified proteins of the botulinum toxin Type A. When these are injected into the muscles, transmission of nerve impulses are temporarily blocked interrupting the signal for muscle contraction. This typically lasts 3-6 months and is fully reversed after that period of time.

These purified proteins have been FDA approved and used for over 20 years to temporarily eliminate wrinkles and avoid deep permanent crevices. There have been no reported serious side effects from these neuromodulators.

Onset: 4-10 days

Duration: 3-6 months

Cost: $10/unit (average is 20-40 units/ treatment)

Procedure time: 30 minutes


Dermal fillers are used to reduce or eliminate moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds such as nasolabial and glabella folds, raise scar depressions, enhance lips, and replace soft tissue volume loss. Results vary by dermal filler but last anywhere from 6 to 12 months.

Cosmetic fillers consist of hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite. Hyaluronic acids (HA) are natural occurring polysaccharides present in our skin, eyes, and connective tissues. HAs absorb 1,000 times their weight in water giving a fuller youthful look to the areas they are injected into.

Calcium hydroxyapatite is naturally found in bone. It acts as a scaffolding for collagen to build around each particle…giving a fuller look to the area injected. These can be used everywhere except tear troughs.

These fillers “pop out” the crevices that have formed from repeated facial movements.

  • Volume replacement (cheeks, browse, eyes, nasal labial lines, marionette lines, lips)
  • Enhancement (lips, cheeks, brows)
  • Correction (nose, chin, jaw line, scar revision)
  • Not a good stand alone solution for wrinkles caused by dynamic movement.
  • Should be coupled with neuromodulators for optimal correction.

Onset: immediate

HA fillers duration: 6-24 months

Calcium fillers duration: 12+ months

Anesthesia: nerve block + topical numbing

Cost: $600+


Sculptra contains poly-L-lactic acid, a biocompatible synthetic that stimulates collagen production.

This product does not produce immediate results like the other cosmetic fillers. It usually takes up to 4-6 months for the collagen to build up within the tissue, but also lasts longer.

Onset: 30 days

Duration: 2+ years

Anesthesia: topical numbing

Cost: $650+

Procedure time: 1 hour


Calcium hydroxylapatite

Stimulates collagen around product injected for more fullness within tissue

Onset: Immediate

Anesthesia: topical numbing

Duration: 6-24 months

Cost: $600+

Procedure time: 1 hour


Small varicose veins known as spider veins can be permanently obliterated with injection of the medication Asclera. Asclera is injected into the spider vein and immediately starts to disrupt the lumen of the vessel. Treatment costs $199 per leg and usually takes 2-3 treatment sessions for optimal results. Results occur in 4-6 weeks. After treatment, compression hose should be worn for 24 hours to optimize results.

Onset: 4-6 weeks

Anesthesia: topical numbing

Duration: permanent

Cost: $199/leg (usually takes 2-3 sessions)

Procedure time: 1 hour


Excessive sweating in the armpits, feet and hands can be treated with botulinum toxin. Multiple injections are made in the area being treated. Typical units needed are 100 units in both armpits (cost = $1,000) and 40-60 units in each palm and sole ($400-$600). This treatment is not permanent but lasts 6-9 months. The Botox blocks the release of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, thereby prohibiting sweat glands to secrete sweat. This procedure decreases sweating up to 85% in the focal area treated. Patients report excellent results and high satisfaction with this procedure.

Onset: 4-10 days

Duration: 6-9 months

Cost: $400+

Procedure time: 1 hour


Treatment of adipose tissue under the chin entails multiple injections of the medication Kybella directly into the subcutaneous fat tissue. The adipose cells are permanently destroyed. Swelling occurs for the first few days following this procedure. Results are noticeable after one treatment, but optimal results require 3 treatments. Cost is $1,200 per treatment. This is a permanent solution to unwanted fat.

Onset: 4 weeks to see results

Duration: permanent

Anesthesia: topical numbing

Cost: $1,200 per session

Procedure time: 1 hour


Tired, fatigued, lack of energy, looking for weight control? Add this to your appointment for a quick pick-me-up.

Cost: $30

Procedure Time: 5 minutes



LIQUID GOLD FACIAL (Microneedling combined with PRP application) ($200)

What is it?

PRP (Platelet rich plasma) injections naturally rejuvenate tissue via the release of adhesive glycoproteins and growth factors from your own platelets, forming a fibrin mesh under the tissue. PRP stimulates collagen production and increases blood flow, which results in firmer skin, expedited healing, and improved hair growth.

When injected into specific areas of the face, PRP injections reduce the appearance of wrinkles-resulting in a more vibrant youthful appearance. When injected into the scalp, hair growth is stimulated resulting in thicker fuller hair. When injected into inflamed joints, faster healing occurs.

PRP Injections in Face

Microneedling + PRP

What are the risks?

Risks are minimal. There is always a risk of infection anytime the skin is poked. Immediately after an injection, inflammation and redness will be present temporarily.

Is it uncomfortable?

There is minimal discomfort. Numbing creams are used prior to the injections.


What can I expect?

A small amount of blood is drawn from your arm.  The blood is spun to separate the red and white blood cells from the golden platelet-rich-plasma.  This golden part is then extracted and injected into the area to be treated. Minimal discomfort, pinpoint bleeding, and redness can be expected during injections.

What areas can be treated?

Face, neck, hands, inflamed joints, scalp (to rejuvenate and stimulate improved hair growth).

When can I expect to see results?

Results can be seen in 6 weeks-months after. It lasts 18 months-2 years.

How many treatments do I need?

For hair restoration: Optimal treatment is seen with 3 treatments in a 4-6 week period with maintenance every 6 month. Cost is $1,500 for a set of 3 treatments or $600/single.

Can anyone safely get PRP injections?

Most everyone can safely receive PRP injections. However, anyone with: Infection, skin disease, suppressed immunity, metastatic disease, blood disorders, clotting disorders should not receive PRP injections.


How do I get started?


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Your next step

This service is offered through Kristy's company 'My Happy Place, rejuvenation'.  We provide the space and scheduling.  You can contact us though our regular new patient process.  Just let us know you are interested in the Cosmetic Rejuvenation services.