Want more from 'health'care than you have been getting?

What you should expect

When you contact us as a new patient, you will be scheduled for a review of your situation. You will also be booked for an evaluation following this review so if you elect to continue with our process you won't have to come back.  But if you decide we are not a good fit for your needs during this visit, you will be able discontinue without incurring any charges.

Once you have been able to review your situation with us and we believe we can help.  We will begin an appropriate examination based upon your needs.  So situations require very little and others need more attention.  You will know up front what we recommend, so you can make informed choices.

Sometimes additional studies may need to be done outside of our office in order to properly determine your best course of action.  In these cases you will be referred to the proper imaging facility or lab to obtain them.

Our philosophy is to keep care are natural and efficient as possible.  This means we can often get you started right away improving your situation while also working with you on a more long-term health improvement at the same time.

Coordinated 'more natural' Healthcare

Coordinated care means we don't rely on just one type of service to get you better.  Let's face it, your health is dynamic your care should be too.

Looking for our NEW PATIENT paperwork?

You can schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your needs.  You will get to meet us, see the office, and decide if we are a good fit for you.  We will review your case with you.  You will receive no pressure at all.  If we are a good fit, we will show you some options.  If we are not, we will help you find someone who is.

Patient Forms

New Patient Form (pdf)


Functional Medicine 'add on' Form (pdf)


FAA BasicMed Forms (pdf)


How to use the forms

If you are new to Evergreen Health Clinics print and fill out the 'New Patient' Form.  If you are not able to, arrive 20 min early and one will be provided for you.


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