Dr. Matthew Hales

Clinic Director

Integrating different types of care, insures that you get the right thing at the right time.  It reduces the cost of care and gets you restored to health as fast as possible.  As the clinic director, I work with many discplines to make sure we can recommend options that work for your needs.

Who I am

When entrusted with your health or your loved ones’ health, I ask myself as a husband and father of six children what I would do if I were attending to my child or a family member. Remove the obstacles to your health and your nervous system will do what it does best; heal itself. 

In addition to my formal education at Parker College of Chiropractic, I spent prior years working in surgery. This gives me a unique perspective. I understand how incredible our modern medical system can be, but more importantly, I know I never want to need it! Taking care of oneself is much easier and less expensive than waiting for a crisis.