Amy Hublou, LMFT


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


I offer psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families through Evergreen Physical Medicine. Among other things, I can help with anxiety, depression, transitions, relationships, and grief. My job is to help you explore and learn about yourself.

My work focuses on healing through:

1) Education

Understanding how your brain and your body responds to stress and traumatic events.  

2) Developing Self-Soothing Techniques

In addition to understanding the flight/fight/freeze model that your brain operates from, you will learn skills intended to interrupt these automatic responses so that you can lead a less reactive life. 

3) Expanding Self-Awareness

Understanding the how’s and why’s of how you function in relationships and in your world. 

4) Shifting your Perceptions

The only thing your really have control over is how you choose to perceive, and therefore, respond to a person or situation. 

Free Initial Consultation

Together we can explore any issues that may have you feeling stuck or may be stopping you from leading a happier, more fulfilled life. We will work through obstacles and identify solutions. 


Informed Consent

The relationship between a client and his or her therapist is of the utmost importance. As a client, anything you discuss with me is confidential and will not be disclosed to others without your consent, unless compelled by law or a court.

This also includes the other providers at Evergreen Physical Medicine. There are advantages to professionals who can collaborate about your physical and mental well-being. However, I will only coordinate with other providers with your consent.


About Amy

Amy has been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 2000. She is a graduate of Pepperdine University (MA, '95) and licensed in Idaho.

Cost per 50 minute session is $120. A super bill can be provided for clients who can receive reimbursement from insurance.