Platelet Rich Plasma

What is PRP and why use it? (2 mins)

Worn and Injured Joints / Tendonitis / Bursitis

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a concentrate derived from whole blood and centrifuged to remove red blood cells. It has a greater concentration of growth factors than whole blood, and has been used to encourage a brisk healing response across several specialties, in particular plastic surgery, dentistry, orthopedics and dermatology.

As a concentrated source of blood plasma and autologous conditioned plasma, PRP contains several different growth factors and other cytokines that can stimulate healing of soft tissue and joints. There are many indications as in sports medicine and orthopedics (acute muscle strains, tendinopathy and muscle-fascial injuries and osteoarthritis[1]), or dermatology (androgenic alopecia, wound healing, and skin rejuvenation).

PRP is similar to a natural steroid that increases healing rather than damaging the tissues.  It is done completely in-house at your appointment time.

"PRP is taken from your own blood and contains cytokines, proteins, and growth factors which help with chronic inflammation. It is great for joints and tendons!" 

-Danielle Sutton MSN, NPC

Danielle Sutton MSN, NPC

Danielle Sutton MSN, NPC

 We bundled PRP into a 3 session treatment and cut the cost by almost HALF! 

Anna H. -Meridian ID

"I had PRP done to my knees. I love to workout and to lift. I haven't been able to press my normal high in a long time. I hit my high one week after PRP! Amazing! Thanks Danielle!"

Actual video of a PRP injection for bursitis.  (3 min)

Although this video depicts a needle, it is not graphic.  Neither is a PRP injection in our office.  It is one of the easiest medical procedures you can have done.

We recommend a series of 3 injections for most conditions and have a package below to help reduce the cost even more!

**PRP is never covered by insurance.

Trigger Point Injections For Muscle Pain (TPI)


Tension that just won't let go

When tension won’t let go, often it is the result of a chronic trigger point. Sometimes physical therapies just can't reach it.

Trigger point injections directly correct the problem.  Because our medical staff uses pain relieving lidocaine while breaking up the trigger, it is comfortable to fix a problem that has been years in the making.  It only takes a few visits!

Make an appointment with our medical team to see if TPI is the right solution for  your problem.  The consultation is FREE

Why it works

Breaking up Trigger points this way, quickly gets you back to normal.

It can create an ‘even playing field’ so you to benefit even more from therapies, like massage, medical care, detoxing, and chiropractic/Rehab

You may find that you make progress where you had not, thanks to getting rid of these little devils.

Not sure where to start?

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