Our Partners and Friends

We do a lot, but we can't do everything!

Maybe you would like to know who we recommend?

Cosmetic Rejuvenation


My Happy Place and Kristy Martin take appointments at our office every third Friday for Fab Friday.  You can schedule these with our Front Desk.  Kristy's background makes her an expert in this field!

Inspired Dance


Amy Merrill directs Inspired Dance and holds classes most evenings in our Flex Room.  You can view the schedule on our calendar.

Anna Hales 'Wellness Advocate' doTERRA Essential Oils


Essential Oils can be a powerful way to improve your health at home.  It is empowering for a family to easily support the care they receive from their healthcare provider.

Having a partner who can help you learn how to use oils while providing the cheapest possible way to get quality oils is a huge benefit.

Anna is Dr. Hales' wife and would love to help you!

Tribute Media


Cory Smith and his team are doctors for your business branding and promotions.